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National Certificate: Location Design in 3D animation Level 5

Purpose of the programme:

The 3D/2D Visualization and Animation with is geared towards Design/Architectural Visualization and Game Asset Development, including Animation principles that apply to both the visualization and motion graphics industry. Learners will be equipped with the knowledge of current solid industry work-flows, focusing on both the technical and creative approaches, with the goal of confidently applying these tools in production .

Learning Material included:

  • Learner Guides
  • Portfolio Guide
  • Assessment Guides
  • Formative and Summative Assessment

Program Duration:

  • 12 months

Who can apply:

  • Render Wrangler.
  • Texture Artist.
  • Compositing Artist.
  • 2D Designer and Modellers

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Selecting and analysing reference material relevant for specific animation productions.
  • Analysing visual and motion requirements for specific animation productions.
  • Specifying visual and motion treatment for specific animation productions.
  • Developing and selecting animation outputs for specific animation productions.
  • Evaluating animated visual elements against specified animation production requirements.
  • Managing animation production processes and information according to specifications.


  • 57607


  • 149
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